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If you think your skin is pretty good, you might want to take a closer look. MIRAVEX, a spin-out from Trinity College has recently developed the world’s first portable 3D skin imaging device to measure wrinkles, skin texture, colour and sun damage. We are privileged at Venus Medical Beauty to be the first to use the ANTERA 3D prototype device and are working with MIRAVEX and the School of Physics in Trinity to develop this remarkable skin imaging technology.

A quick scan tells you how rough your skin is, how deep your wrinkles are and what degree of sun damage and redness you have. Now you can transform your skin with lasers, peels, injectables and skin tightening machines and see the proof that they work by measuring the improvement over time.

Aesthetic medicine is a science as much as it is an art. To create or enhance beauty, as well as having an artistic eye, we must understand and measure proportions, symmetry, volume and colour. First, we identify what we are striving to correct or improve and then use the best techniques and technologies to do so. Despite modern digital photography, most classifications for wrinkles, lines, sun damage, and colour are vague or arbitrary.

With the ANTERA 3D skin-imaging device, all the elements of aging skin, and those features associated with attractiveness, including skin smoothness, clarity, and evenness are visualized and measured accurately. ANTERA 3D measures the depth of lines and wrinkles,roughness of skin, distribution of melanin (brown) and haemoglobin (red) in the skin and captures three-dimensional images of facial features to assist enhancement and contouring.

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